Thoughts on Pepsi Battle of the Bands Season 4

8 Aug 2019

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16 Nov 2018

جنون سے، اور عشق سے، ملتی ہے آزادی – Twenty-five years after Junoon’s debut, a framing of what they mean to all of us

31 Dec 2016

Thoughts on Coke Studio 8, which I never wrote down in time, and will now spin as context for Coke Studio 9 (which is also inexcusably delayed, but what can you do?)

18 Aug 2016

کیا ہم گورے ہیں؟ – On the Vital Signs & Coke Studio, i.e. a Long-Winded, Roundabout Review of Coke Studio 7

6 Jun 2015

On Building for Values

28 Apr 2015

On Raahi’s First Two Singles

20 Apr 2015

On Halting Pakistani Police Contributions to the UN Peacekeepers

20 Apr 2015

On the Tragedy of the Afghan Exodus

15 Apr 2015

On Smart Crime Fighting Technology in Peshawar, and the Express Tribune’s Stupid Sensationalism

10 Apr 2015

On the Lahore Music Meet, and measuring success

29 Mar 2015

The Programmer’s Dilemma – On Code, Meaning, Truth

7 Jan 2015

On Interstellar’s Sound

18 Nov 2014

On Lahore’s Rapid Transit Bus System

10 Nov 2014

Obama’s Legacy

30 Oct 2014

Right Arm Inswing

22 Oct 2014

Clarity, Creativity, Production

16 Oct 2014

The Transformation of Mecca

14 Oct 2014

A Letter Explaining This Blog’s Raison d’être

9 Oct 2014